Need help flying outside controller zones

Good morning,

Rookie here. I was flying last night from KRIC to KMIA where there was a controller available. Departure through numerous states there were no controllers. I set UNICOM freq. requested numerous times for radio check and attempted to contact anyone. Is the Unicom being monitored or should I be using a different freq?

Unicom is essentially a CTAF frequency. Other pilots in the area will (or should, not all comply with this requirement of the CoC) monitor it as well as announce their intentions where relevant so that you can coordinate if necessary.

Thank you, I’ll keep using that frequency

Worth remembering too that 122.80 is a fairly short range freq on Vatsim. This is by design, because of the proximity of many uncontrolled airports in some areas and the fact that this is the only CTAF freq used on Vatsim. So if you were trying to call another aircraft 30 or 40nm away, they wouldn’t hear you on 122.80. Just how Vatsim implemented it.

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I was wondering the range or if it was an all user reaching application. Appreciate the feedback reply. Had a few pilots close by last night and utilized it until I was able to contact center