MyVATSIM page is not showing any exam

Hi there! I was a member for a long time, but now I have time to be more involved. I’m noticing that I don’t have any pending exams. Is there something I need to do? Thanks!

Hi Diego, and welcome back!

Since you joined VATSIM prior to the New Member Orientation (P0) requirement, you are “grandfathered” from that requirement. Your membership account is active. You are all set!

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Thank @1035677 Don, for your reply. So, what should be the path to follow to grow in the pilot career?

Hi Diego,
You can start off by joining one of VATSIM’s many ATO’s (Authorized Training Organization). Please take a look at this page, choose and join the ATO that suits you the most and you can get your training done to achieve your desired pilot rating!