My suspended vatsim account

so i’ve recently contacted the vatsim support to try for the 3rd time getting my suspended account back and fly on this network . they told me to send an identification proof and i sent my passport photo . but the problem is that 2 years ago i created my first Vatsim account with my dad’s name ( Chawki ) bc were both flying on the network and i was under the legal age i was 12 but now im 14 and im trying to get my account back and sent my passport photo that contains my full real name and age but there is no response please help me i want to fly peacefully on this network like others without any problems

There are no tickets on file with your name or CID. Interestingly, it must be a very popular phenomenon in your family with offspring allegedly creating accounts in your father’s name. There is another account holder that did the same, had a similar name to your alleged father, and sent in ID verification, and his ticket was responded to. But again, there are no tickets on file with your name or CID. So I’m not really sure what to say, other than I find it rather extraordinary the interesting things that are allegedly happening with your family. If you are indeed a different person than your father and his other offspring, you may consider opening a ticket.