MSFS2020 and VR WMR in DX12 give a broken AA with Vpilot running

Did a lot of testing since activating the Beta SU 14 version (is now the official version) and since then Vpilot is causing broken AA and lot of shimmer in my HP-Reverb G1 headset while using DX12. Before stepping in the Beta I have had a lot of random MSFS2020 crashes while flying on Vatsim and using Vpilot so that was the reason for joining the SU 14 Beta and the crashes miraculous went away but in return I received these annoying experience and can’t get I solved. I also asked in the AVSIM (VR) forum but no clues or replies. I can have other apps running perfectly in the backgroud like FSLT traffic and VSR Radio but even start-up only Vpilot is ruining the VR picture. (Win10 H22 - 58003xd - 6800XT- 32Gb NVMe M2)