MSFS Assist app .. AI autopilot

I have a MSFS 2020 app (co-pilot) written (for myself) to make VATSIM flying easier … it’s ready for beta, I’ll share it. free
It is a Windows APP and uses an AI as the copilot … you can handoff any parts of the flight to it.

FS Assist I built the first version for (various) A320 with Thrustmaster Airbus controllers and Xbox controller for the Drone camera.

IT requires a 2nd sceen or a widescreen … the flights can be ILS , RNAV or VFR.

At the moment the stock A320 is support, the C172 G1000 is nearly tested and the 737 , 787 and the INDIAFOXTECHO F-35 are nearly complete ( it can land any of these planes)