More questions on the ZOB callsign use

Extremely poor taste from the pilots side in choosing callsigns. However, it would be nice to know, if they were in contact with atc (and was atc online at that moment)? Did they obey instructions from atc? Did they fly what would be a natural vfr/ift pattern and at what altitude? Are they members of a VSOP? If so, is the flight in accordance with said VSOPs SOP (most properly not). etc, etc.

For me as controller in DK, should I allow takeoff of an airplane with a ZOB callsign or would that be dependent of choice of routing, e.g. a routing throu Ukrainian airspace? Is a ZOB at all allowed on VATSIM due to the present conflict (I would call it war) and/or would it be allow for flights in Russia alone - and would that allow for flight over the Cremean Peninsula. Many questions, which I think VATSIM should address publically, so we can react properly.

I understand, if VATSIM is investigating the incident(s) and won’t comment at this moment. But some guidelines as to how to react to these callsigns would be in order.

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Disclaimer: I was briefed that the immediate issue was dealt with swiftly at the immediate time, and I do not know any more details.

That said, I’ll offer general guidance which is consistent with general guidance that we’ve issued over time. If any member (regardless of pilot, controller, observer, etc.) sees an issues that is likely to be in contravention of our policies, they are welcome to request Supervisor assistance. Best in real-time, or via Supervisor support ticket if after the fact. Though we’ve been quite clear that we don’t care to actively police every transgression on the network, and though CoC A1 is quite broad in reach, such incidents like the one referenced in this thread are certainly very likely disrespectful and can be (and are) dealt with swiftly. That can occur at any point. There are an infinite number of specific possibilities, so I can’t address to a much better level of specicifity than is already codified in our codes and policies. That said, put another way, if you smell smoke, there may be fire, so feel free to request a Supervisor to investigate.


The callsign was ZOV, not ZOB. While it’s true that the Cyrillic B is Latin V, in this case they’re using the Latin alphabet specifically.