Model matching query

i use FSLTL models and only wish to use those models … how do i make it so its not pulling in the models from the Fenix a320 and PMDG 737 models what seem to have a huge impact on performance? everytime i install a new livery with the Fenix or PMDG it adds it in this list

It tell you right there what you need to do!, just untick the boxes of the Fenix and PMDG aircraft so they are not injected into your sim.

so everytie i install a new livery i have to then go into the settings to de-activate the model? seems a little counter-intuitive.

i was hoping maybe there was a way to stop that so i can just set the FSLTL folder to scan for any new changes as i only ever wish tro use those models

Yes, you must uncheck the box for any model you don’t want used. You say it’s counter-intuitive, but I’m not sure how you think it could be intuitive … I mean, it’s not like vPilot can read your mind and know that you don’t want to use certain models for model matching.

soryy that was the wrong choice of word … i just mean it would be a hell of a lot easier for layman’s like me to use if it could just be "SET & FORGET … as in i want to use this folder ONLY for model matching and anything outside that folder it will not inject those models