Missing Flight Plans

Hello, the last 3 flight plans I filed via the website (all with identical callsigns) and verified existed by pulling them into vPilot via the “Fetch From Server” button disappeared after landing, with my stats showing the flight times but says “No Plan Filed.” After the first time it happened, I searched and found a post where someone had a simiar problem when filing with Simbrief, but that turned out to be a callsign mismatch. I actually cut & pasted the call sign the last two times to be sure it wasn’t user error, but the plans still disappeared after landing. These last 3 flights were completely uncontrolled, no controllers were available along the route. Could that be the issue, if there are no controllers involved, the plan doesn’t get initialized or something like that? I’ll try again this evening with a different callsign and see if that makes a difference.