Missed ILS approach

As a fairly new pilot on Vatsim I found it easier to start with just Deliver/Ground controllers at an airport to practice filing the flight plan, requesting P+S and taxi procedures. I then added the Tower controller.
I did the same tonight on a flight from EGPH to EGNX only expecting ground, tower then Unicom but then got passed over to Scottish control who vectored me without problems. I then expected 122.800 but no passed onto London Control who then controlled me all the way to EGNX. This turned out to be my first and unexpected full flight on Vatsim :grinning:
Ok I had to ask for a couple of “Say again” when I got heading, speed and descents in one go even with pen and paper in hand and managed to miss the first intercept for RW27 ILS by forgetting to press the Appr mode button but I made it.
It was only a couple of months ago that I first hit that PTT key as an observer with a shaky hand and mumbled the words “Channex 4TC radio check please”
Apologies and gratitude to the London controller who was very busy but patient with me and vectored me around for another approach and successful landing.