Microphone stuck


I’m new here at vatsim. Today I tried to join but got this message.

“You have a stuck mic”

What settings should I look for so I don’t have stuk mic?

Is error in Vpilot, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or in Windows 10…?

I have these settings, see my foto.

Hope someone can help me.


// Jacob


The PTT button is probably always on. What is button 4 on TCA Q-Eng 12?

How to turn it off?

Button 4 on TCA Q-Eng 12, is as button on this joystick: ThrustMaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition Joystick og speeder.

What button do i have to use as PTT button?

Do i have to use af key on the keyboard?

// Jacob

If you look at the screenshot, it’s saying Button 4 on TCA Q-Eng 12 - That’s the throttle quadrant, not the joystick. Something is probably continuously triggering that on the quadrant, and that’s why it was assigned on vPilot after pressing “Set a PTT button”, and why you have a hot mic.
This is what mine looks like, using the trigger on the Joystick

If you still can’t set it, try disconnecting the throttle, set the PTT on vPilot, and reconnect it

Thanks that works to change buttom.

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