Microphone ptt button test

Is there a way to test your assigned ptt button, I’m new to vatsim, spent some time as an observer, after I did all the settings in vpilot and after about 30 min I’ve received an email from vatsim, that my account has been suspended, for 24h, due to stuck mic. I have never pushed the ptt button but it seems like it has been engaged somehow. I’m eager to plunge for my first flight but at the same time, I don’t want to do it, unless I’m fully prepared for it, I guess, another couple of months of learning. Any help would be appreciated, I’m kind of reluctant to connect as an observer again, I don’t want to repeat my mistake.

I’m having the same issue with stuck PTT button. Attempted to do my first departure from a towered airport, and controller advised me via message that I had a hot mic. Yikes. Would be really curious to see if anyone has a fix and/or input on how to resolve.

Why not just call up ground and ask for a radio check? Watch the transmit light go on and off. If it doesn’t work, log off, reconfigure, try again.


You don’t need to do a radio check for this. Simply call up your vPilot main window and see whether your TX button is not permanently lit…

I agree it would be better to have a transmit indication on the screen like xPilot does, a very handy feature to avoid a “hot mic”.


You can also tune both COM radios to the same frequency, like 122.8, transmit on COM1 and listen on COM2. If you hear yourself, your PTT and mic are both working.


Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll try them.

Is it okay to contact ground only for a mic check?
I have no intentions of flying, not yet, but I still would like to have everything set up for when I’ll be ready to fly.

Yes of course . I’m relatively new to vatsim too (and kinda mags but I know lots about planes and got the hang of actual flying now) . Anything you need, just send me a message ! I’d love to share words of advice !

I have assigned a new ptt button on the yoke and it’s working now, I can see the transmit light go on and off, also tried the same frequency suggestion on com1 and com2 but it didn’t work, maybe I was doing something wrong.
Thank you again for the help

Dealing with mic issues can be frustrating, especially when you’re just getting started. It’s great that you’re taking the time to troubleshoot before jumping back in. Have you considered checking out https://asmrmicrophones.com/? While it’s not directly related to VATSIM, it’s a fantastic resource for understanding microphone setups, which might help you diagnose any issues with your PTT button or mic engagement. Don’t worry too much; it’s all part of the learning process.

Best and most obvious solution would be to have an on-screen PTT indicator. Dunno whether this can be done in MSFS, but in X-Plane that’s a real neat thing.

You can check your microphone is it’s working or not with https://webcammictest.io/ on your device browser for completely free.