Major Update to Vattastic

Just wanted to drop a note with details on some of the updates that I’ve made to Vattastic over the last couple of months:

:point_right: New map. While it looks fairly similar to the old map, you’ll notice a few differences including country borders, updated FIR boundaries (see below), lakes, some color differences to make things look a little nicer, and also significant speed increase in rendering. The speed increase is because we have pre-rendered about 12-million tiles and stored them on a CDN for fast access world-wide.
:point_right: The Vattastic Airspace database has been completely revamped and now gets data from the VATSpy Data Project on Github. This allows us to quickly reload the airspace database at the beginning of each AIRAC cycle
:point_right: Vatsim SSO is now using VATSIM Connect. You can log in again.
:point_right: Major performance improvements. I went through the code base and identified a significant number of areas that could use improvement and adjusted them for maximum performance. Large VATSIM events should have little effect on Vattastic server performance as in the past.
:point_right: World-Wide weather has been added
:point_right: The Registration process has been gutted, making a much simpler registration
:point_right: Feedback system is fixed; I will be reading and responding to all of your feedbacks

The shoutbox is currently undergoing an overhaul. I hope to have that back online within the next couple of weeks.

Once I get the shoutbox back up, I’ll be focusing efforts on version 2.

Larry WImble


Thank you @1077834 for your work on vattastic. For me, it’s been a great tool to use because of the loading time and easiness of the UI. So thank you for that as well.

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You’re very welcome. I enjoy working on this stuff.

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