Main Audio drops significantly when connected

I’ve noticed that my main audio (i.e. Engine noise) drops significantly when I connect to VATSIM, and conversely re-boosts to normal levels when I disconnect. While I understand that this is likely a good thing, as no one wants annoying background noise carried over the microphone, I’m wondering if there might be a compromise? In other words, a significant portion of the immersion is lost if I’m not in some small way hearing/feeling the Engine RPM for Runups, Climb Power, Cruise Power etc.
I’ve thought that the microphone would have a frequency filter that would suppress the background noise, but perhaps this is too sophisticated or difficult in the current VATSIM structure to accomodate.

Summary: Can the pilot adjust the Main (Engine, primarily) audio or is this control given exclusively to ATC(virtual, VATSIM ATC) ? I’m on PC, MSFS 2020, using vPilot.

Go to your windows volume mixer and reduce the vPilot volume to about 25%. I think sometime vPilot volume can overpower the sim volume. Give that a try and see if that helps.

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Hi Adrian,

This is probably a Windows setting: if you go to your Windows sound control panel, select your output device, then go to the Communications tab and ensure that “Do nothing” is selected: