Looking for Vatsim buddies to fly with

Hey guys,

Hope y’all are having a cool week; I thought I’d make a post here regarding my question.

I’m looking if anyone is interested in a vatsim buddy to fly with. Was on fsx, then moved to xp11 and now I’m on MSFS.

I’m 22, based in the Caribbean, and have about 800 hrs on vatsim, I mostly do 1,5 hour flights/hops and normal ops and fly anywhere/any location on the globe.

Most used aircraft: pmdg B738, Fenix 320 and Maddog MD-82.

I enjoy simming, try to be as professional as possible while of course, keeping it fun.

If anyone’s interested, add me on Discord: “Pierre2000#9966” hopefully we can do some cool flights together.

Have a nice rest of your day/night!


Hi Pierre,

Have you tried posting on the Discord Vatsim Community server? There is a channel called groupflight-planning that has a lot of activity from sim pilots looking for others to fly with them.

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Hey Tim, thanks so much for your reply; I didn’t even know that channel existed in the VAT discord.

I just posted thanks to you, hope I can find someone.

Thanks a bunch and take care buddy.

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