Long list of "model not found" normal?

When connecting to Vatsim with Vpilot at a busy airport I get a long list of models of FSLTL aircraft not found. My FSLTL aircraft are installed with the FBW installer, including the rule set .vmr file provided. On top of that I have six other .vmr-files listed and active in Vpilot. I see a lot of aircraft at the airports (like EGKK) including some large ones in white non marked paints.

Is this normal? Are there models “elsewhere” or model set files?

If you get that error, it means that one of your VMR rules is being matched, and vPilot tells the sim to create an aircraft using the model specified in the rule, and the sim throws an error because it can’t create the model. Usually this means the model isn’t actually installed. I would try removing your VMR files to see which one(s) is/are the culprit(s).

Thank you. I will follow your suggestion. Would it be helpful for you to know which .vmr file that is gulty? I haven’t made any myself but picked them from web offerings.

Well that completely depends what model matching you have installed, a vmr points to specific models and if you dont have these models installed, you will get these errors

You can’t just install a VMR file and have it work. You must have ALL of the models that are referenced in that VMR file installed as well, or you will get those errors about the missing models.

The situation is interesting. At “Flightsim.to” there are .vmr files to be downloaded. In some cases there are referals to model sets, mainly ivao model files. I have not installed these, but a number of others. Obviously there are pilots in aircraft on Vatsim that are detected by Vpilot and “sent to the .vmr files” to be compared to the rules. So there are aircraft on line that are registered in .vmr files, but these definitions don’t compare with models that I have stored. To be clear my ai model files are FSLTL (but for those models in MSFS that might be referenced in a .vmr file). I wonder: "Where are these aircraft models to be found, and the liveries to go with these definitions? Searching the web or Flightsim.to hasn’t heped so far.

Aircraft online are not “registered” in vmr files. The VMR files just contain rules that tell vPilot which model to use when an aircraft is encountered online. The rules match an online aircraft by callsign and aircraft type code. When you first encounter an aircraft online, vPilot looks up that aircraft’s callsign prefix and type code in your VMR files, and the first match it finds, it tells the sim to create an aircraft object using the model name specified in the matching rule. If you don’t actually have that model installed, you’ll get an error. For example, if you install the IVAO VMR file, but not the IVAO models themselves, you’ll get tons of errors.

Please give the vPilot documentation a read.

Yes, I understand. What I don’t understand is that after having downloaded/installed the models of FSLTL by way of the FBW installer and added the default FSLTL .vmr file into Vpilot I get a number of error lines for FSLTL models while most are represented graphically in the sim MSFS like BAW, Austrian, Qantas, DHL freight. Not Ryanair (white) nor KLM (white) or some others.

So either some of the models didn’t get installed properly, or the VMR has some invalid model names in it. You could try running a model matching test with the “.testmodelmatching” command. That’ll go through all the VMR files and create an aircraft for each one then quickly delete it, reporting any errors.

Hi. Running the test shows that none of the .vmr-rules for FSLTL I have installed (some 119.000) has a match in a model. But I end this conversation and promise to study the instructions thoroughly to see if they explain why or if all the installed models either are corrupt or in a wrong library (community, where my other addon aircraft are placed). Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: When looking through the rules.vmr file that the FSLTL/FWB installer provides I find a number of FAIB entries, while I see on the FSLTL website that these aircraft models are not included/allowed and therefore absent in the models library - but not omitted in the .vmr file. So: Removing the rules.vmr from Model Matching reduces the error messages to zero and the white blank liveries of missing FAIB and FSPXAI models get fantasy liveries Not correct but nicer and less irritating.


Alternatively, you could edit the vmr file to remove the models that you don’t have installed. You may also consider presenting this observation on whatever forum you got the vmr file from and ask them to update the vmr file to correspond to the aircraft they actually provide.

Thanks. The models and the .vmr file for those came with the official FWB installer for FSLTL library/models. But I will check their forum…


These should work though (at least they do for me) - maybe the models you downloaded were corrupted in some way? A completely new install of those (i.e. fully deleting all the models and then downloading/installing them again) might do the trick.

I would also remove every other .vmr file, leaving just the FSLTL one.
Maybe some of the other .vmr files mentioned are using “old references” from FSLTL and causing the issue

Strange. When I remove the single rules.vmr from the custom rules set, and rely on the models under the Advanced tab in Vpilot, there are lots of aircraft in correct liveries (I compare with the Simaware map) and some are fantasy painted similar AC, but no error messages. The .vmr is just not needed, rather causing annoyance and error messages. And so many models and liveries that aren’t corrupt.

I leave it there.

Thanks for all input!


Yeah, vPilot will auto-detect many of the FSLTL models and generate automatic rules for them, thereby bypassing the need for a VMR. The VMR can still be helpful though, since it can fine-tune the rules and provide 100% coverage, where as the auto-generated rules only work for models that specify a known ICAO type code and airline code.

Thanks. I suppose that would be useful if I had, or knew how to find, models that aren’t included in the FSLTL base library. If I knew when an aircraft that appear in Vatsim world is a fallback model or livery and what the original is I might be able to create a vmr rule or search for one. But I will probably stay with what is.

All the best,

If you type .aircraft on vPilot, it shows a list with all nearby aircraft and what model it matched for each one