LOGON ATC How exactly to find it?

I fly Toliss A320, I have a Hoppie account and uplinked via ACARS without problem my F/PLN LFKJ / EGPH and the TO perf.

I however

cannot find the ATC LOGON to connect to the in-flight controller.

I’ve already asked the question but only got answers for insiders at best, difficult for me to use (and at worst also pointless bla-bla-bla like “between two beers” at the forum bar :joy: )

Can someone explain me didactically (I’m not so intelligent) and precisely the steps 1,2, 3,4 etc to follow to obtain this LOGON.

I thank him in advance.

Was “AFLJLP1” the callsign that you use to login to VATSIM for your flight? If not: you MUST match the callsign that you used for VATSIM!

And the “logon” is the “ATC CENTER”. For example, if the ATC in question mentions that his “CPDLC LOGON is LSAG”, then insert “LSAG” into this field and then click on the LineSelectKey (LSK) on the right next to “NOTIFY” to request the logon to “LSAG”.