Listening Watch on GUARD


while creating the air-2-air talkaround thread, a question hit me… Does vpilot with voice activated maintain an automatic listening watch on GUARD (121.5)…

Just wondering

Interestingly nothing automatically selects a guard frequency. When VRC was a thing I regularly set Guard up in case someone tryed it. I never heard anyone but I felt if I promoted a guard it should be monitored.

In the Pilot clients, you would need to tune it manually on COM2. The voice client will let you tune to any frequency you desire. If two pilots happen to be on that frequency they could communicate.

The only thing you hear on 121.5 is the occasional meow.

The CoC says “The guard VHF radio frequency (121.500) shall not be used.”

vPilot does not automatically monitor guard, because most (if not all) real world aircraft do not automatically monitor guard. It’s up to the pilot to do so.

Also, you’re not supposed to use Guard on VATSIM.

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