Limit max. Volume of vPilot Audio?

Is there any way to limit the max. Volume of the volume of my headphones?
I’ve got the issue that voice levels of other pilots are sometimes very different.
In order to hear everyone, I need to adjust to the most silent one and the issue here is, that some pilots audios are extremely loud:

You got like 10 Pilots and 2 of them are by far louder than all the others:

Seems to only apply to my audio output as no one (including the ATC) is not complaining about it.

“Disabling HF background noise” and “Disable realistic ATC audio effects” doesn’t have the wanted effect.

I do not want to adjust the general volume level but just “cap” the loudest ones.
Any way to do this?

I’ve got the Logitech G-Hub but in the G-Hub, I’m also only equalize like high tones or bass tones and not cap max.

What would be even better, if there’s a tool or setting that’s equalizing everyone’s sound level to the approx same volume.

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I would like to see this functionality implemented. A max volume level would be acceptable until an auto gain function can be implemented that normalizes everyone’s input audio before radio effects are implemented.

It’s really becoming a significant problem as popularity of the network increases.

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Thanks for taking the time to submit a reply to my post.
I already thought I’m the only one having “audio uncomfortabilities” :smiley:

And of course in my OP it should read: “Seems to only apply to my audio output as no one (including the ATC) is complaining about it.”