Latest swift update xp12

I am running the latest version of XP12 and have just updated swift to the latest version - xxxxx. Now I find that I am unable to tune the 8.33 mHz freqencies. So, I reverted back to the older version of swift - xxxxx - but the problem remains; still unable to tune the 8.33 mHz frequencies. The normal 25mHz frequencies are no problem. Is there a fix for this anomaly or will I just have to suck it up?

Hi John,

please excuse my late reply, but I was travelling until today.

Did you install the latest Alpha of swift? 0.14.142?

What aircraft are you using in XP12 that it is causing this issue with the COM radios? Or does it affect ALL aircraft in XP12?

Hi Andreas,
Thanks for the reply. It all appears to be working properly now after a Windows update. I tried online just now & was able to tune all frequencies. It affected all aircraft & I was using v13.18 of swift, having updated to 14.36 and then reverted to 13.18 but all appears to be good now.
Thanks for taking an interest.

I am glad to hear that you are set again!

I highly recommend installing the latest ALPHA of swift, it was released not long ago and features some dramatic improvements, see the (shortened) list below.

  • Interpolator fix to avoid “zooming” aircraft
  • Replace FAA equipment codes with ICAO equipment codes in the flightplan dialog. On non-VATSIM servers, swift will convert them into FAA codes to communicate with the FSD server under the hood.
  • Fix an issue where the expected ATC logoff time was not correctly displayed in the UI
  • Removal of the aircraft highlighting functionality
  • Update of the AFV endpoint URL
  • Updated links to the new documentation

If you choose to go for this new version, don’t forget to also update xswiftbus, as usual.

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