Latest status of GCAP

Hello friends,

Haven’t heard anything about the progress of GCAP recently, the latest I saw was that it was going back for consultation, but that was in 2021.

What’s the latest?


The GCAP process has continued behind the scenes, and Regions/Divisions/Subdivisions submitted their feedback on the final draft earlier this month. Since the BoG told us this is the final draft, I suspect the next we hear about GCAP is when it is released.

So they have decided that public discourse gets them too much pushback? :rofl:

It has now been released and commenced on 01 March 2024.

As a C1 does this now mean that I cannot control anything other than unrestricted until I get a Tier assignment? According to the table promulgated, I’ve just been restricted without being advised.

If you held an endorsement for any Major positions at your Home (sub)division (FIR/ARTCC/VACC) they should have automatically been turned into the matching Tier 1 or Tier 2 endorsement under GCAP. I would recommend you contact your local staff about the exact details, but I expect nothing changes for you in that regard. GCAP is all about removing unnecessary restrictions, not adding them.

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