Lags and sutters

Hey, i need your help so much. So My sim is lagging. I did a test flight and i found out, that lagging starts when i fly on vatsim with v pilot. Its like drops around 15 fps. I have ryzen 7 and rx 7900 xt. Its not problem with my graphic settings. Also i did put out aig files from community foler, and the thing is, that even without those files, my sim is lagging. But i am 99% sure its vatsim/vpilot isue

You really need to state, which sim and addons you’r using, if anyone should be able to help you.

Adding to what Torben said above, are you able to reproduce these lag spikes in other scenarios?

Have you played around with your traffic range in vPilot?

So, i am using Fs realistic, gsx, pmdg and sim toolkit pro thats all. I think i fixed it, i removed fstl and put just some plane models, as on this video.

Also, after that i dont have that many sutters, and i have little bit more fps. Now its not lagging me on approach, but another problem came out.
So i ve got an low fps, when i am landing and when i am on the ground (moving) its better then it was before but still i have problem. In offilne not in vatsim i dont have this kinda lags, but if you have some idea how to fix it even if this happens offline, it will be very nice.

Can you 100% confirm that you are NOT using high resolution models (e.g., flyable aircraft) as AI, and ONLY using low resolution models that are made specifically as AI?

Also, when near/on the ground, you may find that your addon scenery may be the culprit. A lot of times, especially depending on the specs of your machine (sorry, I am not familiar with Ryzen, so if Ryzen 7 is awesome, disregard the advice on the machine), addon scenery can suck up extra FPS, and every low resolution AI aircraft that is drawn sucks up a tiny bit (high resolution suck up a LOT).

Are you on a wired connection, or wifi?

So put together addon scenery plus a lot of AI aircraft (ESPECIALLY high res), especially on wifi, you may encounter the situation you are experiencing.

So, a couple of things to try:
First, make sure your AI are all low res.
Second, check your addon scenery (if applicable) and lower the rendering settings (if possible).
Third, get on a wired connection if possible.

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Ok, I was on wi-fi so I will try it. Can you tell me where to check this models settings and use low resolution? I dont know where to check it. As i said i dont use fstl, i have everything as on upper video.

Btw i did a test flight offline and everythiny ran smooth

Aslo i found some solving on the internet, i will post a screen of it, sory about background. To your info, i run msfs steam version, idk if it will work on steam. It is a solve for sutters in offline mode, but maybe it will also help here

It’s not a setting, it’s which aircraft you have told vPilot to use for your model matching. Don’t match to things like Fenix, PMDG, etc. Only match to low-res AI.

Where to do it? Like i dont understand, where can i go and chceck what i am using and change it?

If you mean this, i use AiG model matching, as on this video in upper posts

Great. If you use AIG, you are using low-res models.

So why i have my problem?

There are still a lot of variables in play. I’m not sure anyone can answer that question definitively, but as I indicated in an earlier post, you may want to check and see how much FPS loss and stuttering you have based on:

  • Which addon scenery you might be using
  • How many aircraft your computer/graphics card is trying to draw/represent
  • Wifi vs. Wired connection

You’ll likely have to conduct tests at various airports and with varying levels of nearby traffic to help you determine which of those variables (and perhaps other variables that I’m not thinking of at the moment) may be having the largest impact on your FPS and/or stuttering issue.