Keyboard shortcut to launch the VPILOT connection

Hello, can we associate a keyboard shortcut to launch the connection to VPILOT? For what ? Because in flight on a virest helmet, I have disconnections of VPILOT (unstable internet connection at home) and suddenly I have to remove the helmet to click on Connect then put the helmet back.

I’m assuming that you’re using Windows as your OS. If so, you can assign your own keyboard shortcut. Right click on the vPilot icon, go to Properties, and I think the shortcut key should be on the first tab that pops up. If not, select the different tabs until you see the shortcut key box. Define your own shortcut and away you go.

Picard is actually asking about a hotkey for connecting, not starting vPilot. There is no way to do that currently. vPilot definitely was never designed with VR in mind.

Indeed that’s what I’m looking for.

Although this was initially asked over in the VSR discord, this isn’t just a VR issue as people get disconnected from VATSIM in both VR and non VR modes

It would be more useful for an option in VPilot to distinguish non user-initiated VATSIM network disconnections and reconnect automatically.

indeed a possibility to reconnect automatically would be welcome especially for pilots with frequent internet disconnections/reconnections. TeamSpeak, Fs2020 does it… Why not Vpilot!! This is my wish…