Join us at FSExpo 2024!

Hello everybody!

VATSIM is looking forward to seeing you at FlightSimExpo on June 21-23, 2024! This year, VATSIM will again be hosting the Online ATC Display Area, an interactive display of flying and air traffic control that showcases what the network is all about.

Registration is now open! VATSIM users can use the link to register. Put “VATSIM” (and optionally your local vACC, Virtual Airline, vSOA, etc.) in the “Organization/Affiliation” field when you register.

By doing so, we will have the chance to organize member meet-ups on-site in Las Vegas. Plus, the more people who register for the event, the more space we will have to showcase VATSIM at FSExpo!

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas this June!

For more details on the event, including travel and lodging discounts, visit