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Express Air Virtual looking for simpilots of all levels. We have 395 medium/short-haul company routes for Express Air (EXA) and Express Cargo (EXC), and have recently added a global ferry operation - Express Boneyard (BYR), where we re-create real-life scrap/storage ferry missions to boneyards all over the world with the actual aircraft types, liveries, routes, etc. Several unique features of our virtual airline include:

Crypto token integration - for every mile flown, our simpilots accrue 1 Express Token and can mint them into EXPT (ERC-20 crypto tokens) after each completed flight.

Giving back - the Express Air Foundation will donate $100 for every 100,000 total miles flown (PAX/Cargo/Ferry) to an aviation-related charitable organization. We have chosen the first five (5) charitable organizations for the first 500,000 total miles flown and look forward to making a difference with every mile flown by our pilots.

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