Issue about changing vatsim region

I just passed S1 exam in vatusa, so i have to change my vatsim region to americas for getting into an ARTCC.

but it shows that i have to wait 90 days, but i didn’t know this policy, also i know it is hard on you to change my region but really need to change it. And i am requesting to change to americas region

Thank you in advance!


It sounds like you passed the VATUSA S1 exam, and you want to control at a VATUSA ARTCC, so you shouldn’t need to change region.

Section 3.8. Moving to Your Facility of the Ground Control course should cover this.

I hope this helps.

Dear Pranav, no i have to change it here is an image that shows that from my vatusa account

A quick google of “vatsim region change” leads you to this support article: VATSIM Support

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With my respect Mr Andrew, you didn’t read and understand my forum well. I can’t change it I need 90 days.


Did you leave a region recently? I’m afraid we can’t help with that. The cooldown applies to everyone, I assume, to disincentivize region-hopping, so I think you’d have to wait like the rest of us.

With you now on your third region in the nine months you have been a member, I highly encourage you to stay where you are, at least for a while.