Interpreting the vatsim map

Can anyone explain what’s going on on vattastic and the Simaware maps: I’m looking at the lower half of the UK.
SimAware - Real-Time VATSIM Flight Tracking - the same here.

on Vattastic I have small cyan circles (2 inside the heathrow area) overlaid by a larger dark blue circle. Heathrow cyan circle is fully covered, the Gatwick one is not.

There are some ‘border lines’ on Vatastic, in blue, that remind me of the RAF sector borders during the BoB.

On simaware I see A cyan circle around Newquay, an irregular polygon around Bristol, an irregular one to the RIGHT of EGLL and none at all around Gatwick.

I did see a shaded block going along the east side of the UK up towards Newcastle but that appears ho have disappeared.
I looked on Vatsim and didn’t see anything about this and not much in the way of a key on the maps.

Can anyone link me to an explanation??

Use instead, it is more accurate as it includes the vertical AND horizontal extents of ATC airspaces, depending on who is online.

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It certainly contains more information. None of which I have any idea what it’s for :slight_smile:

Well, what information are you looking for? The only use of these map tools is to find out where ATC is active. At this time VatGlasses is the only map tool that shows accurate information (for the regions covered by it). Set your CID (your VATSIM ID) with the button in the top right area of the website for future use - when you are online as pilot will be able to see/track your own aircraft.
Otherwise slide the altitude-selector above the CID-button up and down and you’ll what airspace and airports ATCOs are responsible for. You can only see data when they are actually online. At this moment I can see LON_M_CTR active, when I select 0 feet (ground level) VatGlasses shows me that this CTR station is providing ground and terminal services for EGBB, EGNX, EGGW and a few other airports within that area.

Like I said in the first message. It’s the coloured stuff. I can see from vatglasses similar coloured overlays (and the control zones with height filter is quite useful) but I’d like to know what the extent of ATC is around an airfield (in miles??) and why some blue zones are a circle and some are irregular shaped).
Also, I could see that some coloured blocks were there one minute then gone the next. Is that ATC logging off/changing controll levels?

Okay, now I understood your question. The circles around airports with APP or TWR services show a fixed radius which is NOT the true AoR (Area of Responsibility). With VatGlasses you always get the correct AoR that is read out from ATC sector files.