Intermittent error when starting VatSpy

Lately when I start VatSpy I get the following error. It does not happen every time I start VatSpy. I delete the xml file, and VatSpy will then start, but back to it’s default settings. It’s no great issue, but just wondering what is causing this, and is there a way to resolve it ?


Doesn’t happen often, no one really seems to know why it happens, but occasionally the xml config file gets corrupted. Have a peek here:

Also, from another forum post:

Usually that error means the config file got corrupted or emptied out somehow so that it’s zero bytes in length. You need to delete it and let VATSpy create a new config file with default settings. To do so, open an explorer window and enter this in the address box:


You should see a file called VATSpyConfig or VATSpyConfig.xml. Delete the file, and run VATSpy.

Thanks Don. I remember occasionally having this issue some years ago, and as you point out, deleting the xml and letting VatSpy rebuild the file sorts it. Hadn’t been an issue in a long time, but just recently its cropped up again. Who knows, it may disappear again as suddenly as it appeared ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Fingers crossed it stays away for a while!