India Republic Day [26th Jan '24 | 1130z - 1530z]

Hello pilots!

Join us for a spectacular virtual journey as we commemorate India’s Republic Day on VATSIM! India vACC extends a warm invitation to all virtual aviators for a special flight from Chennai International Airport (VOMM) to Delhi International Airport (VIDP) on the 26th of January, celebrating unity and freedom in the virtual skies. Connect with fellow aviators and soar high in this tribute to the spirit of the nation.

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a newcomer, let’s make this flight a memorable salute to India’s pride. Fly with us and be a part of this patriotic experience!

Flight Details:

  1. Departure Airport: Chennai International Airport (VOMM) :india:
  • Enjoy the bustling atmosphere of one of India’s major aviation hubs as you prepare for takeoff from Chennai.
  1. Arrival Airport: Delhi International Airport (VIDP) :india:
  • Navigate the virtual skies to land at the iconic Delhi International Airport, surrounded by the rich cultural heritage of India’s capital.

See you on the radar,
JAI HIND :india:

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