I would like to do the P0 exam but it's not vissible


After a long time I got back into flightsim and VATSIM. I have been a member since 2016 when I lived in a other region of the world. So I have changed my region allready but now I thought lets try to dust off the knowledge and started reading the New Member Course material. But when I go to exams I don’t see it is assigned to me. I assume it is because I was allready assigned to it and did it a long time ago. But I would like to do it again because it has been so long ago that IMHO it would be good I do it again to see if I still know all that I should know before flying online. Is there anyway somebody could assing the exam to me?

Thanks in advance


Hi Raymond, and welcome back!

Since you joined VATSIM prior to the New Member Orientation (P0) requirement, you are “grandfathered” from that requirement.

However, per your request, I have assigned you the exam.

Again, welcome back!

Yes I thought allready I was “grandfathered” but because it has been so long ago I thought it would be good to do the test again.

Thanks for the warm welcome