I can't tune to COM 1, only COM 2 so I can't transmit

Hi everyone. I am new to Vatsim and have not yet flown, I am still observing to try and get the hang of everything. I was going to try to fly today from Gatwick but I have a recurring problem. Whichever plane I use, be it the A330-900 or the PMDG 737-900, I have the same problem. I cannot tune the radio frequency on COM 1. If I try to connect to say 120.900, and enter it as the standby frequency, as soon as I switch it to the active frequency it detunes itself to 120.895. It’s always 0.05 from what frequency I need to be at to be able to transmit. I can tune whatever frequency I need on COM 2, and switch it to active, and it stays the same. I understand that because Tx and Rx are greyed out on COM 2 in Vpilot, I am unable to transmit on COM 2, but I can’t use COM 1 so what do I do? I hope that somebody knows what is happening because I am at a total loss as to how to get this working.

Thanks for taking the time to read this !

I’m not sure what would be causing the frequency to jump 500 kHz like that. All I can think of is to see if you have some kind of AI co-pilot that might be messing with the frequencies on you (I think that’s only a FS 2020 feature).

Regarding COM 2, in those aircraft (I know for sure the PMDG simulates this), you’ll need to have your mic selector set on COM 2 if you want to be able to use that radio to transmit. Some aircraft are modeled so that whichever COM radio the mic is set to will also enable the receiver for that radio; others you’ll have to turn on the receiver yourself.

Thank you Dustin, you are an absolute star. It was the AI ATC assistance that was causing the problem. I can’t thank you enough.

Hello Dameion, i read all,
And as Dustin say, the problem is the bad AI ATC option, and for an “extra help” for you :slight_smile: ,
if you want you can disable it permanently, you must have to go to the MSFS Settings and “turn off” the AI or AI Assist option if you want.