I can't see any planes when I change to a new sector file (I'm connected to VATSIM)

I’ve been going around with this for almost 2 days now. I’ve already searched on several sites and videos on youtube and none of them explain how to solve this problem. I don’t know how to explain this well cause I’m new to this but I’ll try my best.

Basically I had the Schiphol TWR sector file on EuroScope and when I connected to VATSIM I saw the planes on the map without any problems. As I’m from Portugal, I decided to install the sector file from LPPT (Lisbon, Portugal). The problem is that whenever I connect to VATSIM it shows me the aircraft from Schiphol airport instead of Lisbon airport. It doesn’t actually show the aircraft but they appear in the departures and arrivals tables exactly as they appear when I have a sector file from Schiphol.
What I wanted was to see the aircraft that are in LPPT and not the ones that are in EHAM :sob:
What should I do??

You probably need to adjust your visibility center.
Type .vis1 LPPT, or type .vis1 and click on the place on the screen you want to center the visibility point on

I tried that just now and it didn’t work. I think it’s not really a matter of visibility, but rather the fact that the aircraft that appear in the tables in the two images above are from Schiphol airport. That is, even if I have the LPPT sector file open, when connecting to VATSIM it will always show me the Schiphol aircraft and not the LPPT ones.

Nevermind I forgot to load the sector file. I dont know what I actualy did but it start working lol

Visibility affects what you see on radar. For the lists, you need to select the ARR/DEP column for the airport you want - It’s the runway icon on the top bar.

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