HowTo resize and rotate charts in ChartFox

Hi, how do i rotate or resize any of the charts that are displayed by ChartFox?
I tested with firefox and edge and the charts are always renderd as png-files: E.g. when i try to zoom in the whole page resizes. Any tips or ideas?

Chartfox pulls charts from the individual country’s AIPs. If that country provides the AIP in .png format (looking at you, Germany) zooming into the png will have the behavior of zooming into a png. If the page is linked as a pdf it’ll work like a normal embedded pdf.

(If you were indeed looking at the German AIP you can hit print in the top right to look at that one page as a pdf)

Thanks Lars for the quick response. You are right that i just checked the german charts. I recognized that i can use the print function which will render as a pdf document in a new browser tab. Sadly that button doesn’t work from with SimFlightPro which also uses embedded ChartFox for showing the charts.

What would be great is that all charts will be rendered as PDFs within Chartfox for consitent behavior (e.g. rotating and zooming…)

Maybe it will not be too difficult just to use the same function as the print button when the AIP of a country is delivered in another format then PDF and then be transformed to a pdf document.

Is there any possibility or place where i can adress that point?

The only link I can find for them is their twitter/X @chart_fox, so maybe tweet at them? Other than that no idea, sorry.