How to make the network a better place

I have a question that I’m not too sure how to answer…

I have noticed a trend on vatsim lately that I’d like to address, and as a community find a solution to. It seems there are too many people on the network (mainly when no ATC is online) that just do whatever, whenever. I’m talking pull onto the runway for takeoff when I’m on short final, or taxiing for takeoff shortcut one to just sit on the runway for a minute. Also another trick is people like to shortcut arrivals to land “number one”. I could go on and on about recent issues, I’m sure we’ve all had similar stories… Lately I’ve started private messaging just a simple “hey just letting you know you cut me off, not sure if you saw me on final or heard my announcements on unicom (or ctaf in USA).”… usually replied with a (generalizing statement) “sucks to be you”.

So to my point lol. How can we as a community keep vatsim friendly for all? NOTE: I’m not referring to people who are trying to learn and are using the network as intended. I’m talking about those who are deliberately causing “chaos” and, quite frankly, just don’t care. I’ve participated in several events and it seems there’s always that one person who just for some reason likes to bring everything to a stop…

SO…with that said, what can we do?

I don’t mean to “rant”, my intent with this post is to open discussion about solutions to a problem I’m sure we are all experiencing (sadly) more frequently.

Those, who are willing to learn or making an honest mistake, are rarely a problem. The rest - only solution is to get a supervisor. That’s why they are there and they can only try to solve the problem, if we inform them on issues like the one you descripe.

Take screenshots of those chats, note their VATSIM IDs, date, time, place and send it to the VATSIM Supervisor department. This is called a “post-factum” report. If you are able to raise a supervisor on the spot before the offending member can disconnect, go down that route. But in any case take a screenshot of the text chat.

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If all could use 122.80 and use it a bit more on and around the airport much will be solved.
In the real world it is called airmanship, many dos’nt know what that is, sorry to say