How To Get ATC Software To Work With Chromebook

Hey guys,

Trying not to delete my account since I’ve come so far. All I have to do is take the final exam. However we’ve run into the roadblock of the radar software and radio software not being compatible with my chromebook. Vstrips works just fine. Its just the radio software and the radar software that I have to get figured out.

Any ideas as to how I can get it all to work or am I unfortunately going to have to make the decision and say bye bye VATUSA?

No, as you can see from the client documentation for each of the clients, none support ChromeOS.

No need to delete your account though. If you don’t use it, it simply goes into inactive status. When you have a machine that meets the requirements for the software, if your account is inactive, you can very simply reactivate it.

If the radar and radio software are web-based, try different browsers on your Chromebook. Some software may work better on specific browsers, so experimenting with alternatives like Firefox, Safari, or Edge might help.
If your Chromebook supports Linux applications, you can try installing the software within a Linux environment. This might require enabling the Linux feature in your Chromebook settings.

They aren’t web based. They are Windows programs. There is a Unix/Linux/Mac alternative for the radios, but we don’t have a non-Windows radar client.

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