How to enter the ATC course

Hey guys I am new here and I would like to become an ATC. They told me about a course but don’t know where is it. Could you guys help me?

ATC training is done by the various local facilities. You might find more information by googling “VATSIM [name of the country you want to control in]”; but if you tell us where you would like to become a controller, I’m sure someone will be able to provide you with more information :slight_smile:

While being at pilot at vatsim is not a nessescity for becoming an air traffic controller, it is really valuable to know, how thing are “at the other end”. I can see you have no recorded hours at vatsim. While waiting in the training cue (which at some places can be for months, even a full year!!) my best advise to you is to log some hours as pilot (or at least as observer) to get a feel for it.
You need to become a member of a local vACC like Portugal vACC (or which ever country (typical) you want to control in. You can the be assigned into the training cue there.

You’ll want to start by joining a region, which you can do by going to and hitting the “Change Region” option. From there, you can select your desired region and subdivision (For example; North America, United States). After that, you’ll want to get in touch with the training team for that subdivision to get enrolled in their ATC course.

Hope that helps!

Just to clarify the information above, when you joined VATSIM, you selected the Americas Region, Mexico Division. If you’re happy with those selections, then you simply need to go to the VATSIM Mexico Division Website at and hit the green button in the middle of the screen to apply to their ATC program.