How to deal with misplaced taxiways and stands?

In most cases, using a custom scenery in any sim is going to prevent issues with incorrectly numbered stands or missing taxiway signs. it’s still not that uncommon to stumble upon badly aligned taxiways relative to their real-life locations. This can be easily seen in flight tracking software such as Volanta or SimToolkitPro. Is it that big of a deal in VATSIM? For example, I did a flight out of Panama City today, it has three parallel taxiways - main, orange and blue, and I noticed that even though I’ve been only using the main taxiway, Volanta tracked me going on the blue taxiway. Any tips or comments appreciated.

If there’s no ATC, taxi and park wherever you like. If ATC gives you instructions to use a specific taxiway or a specific stand which isn’t in your scenery, just say so. It’s no big deal.

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