How to connect with 5 digit radio

All the frequencied on VATSIM are 6 digit with nany last digit not being 0. How do I connect in the Longitude wgich has only a 5 digit radio

For areas that don’t use 8.33 kHz channel spacing it’s simple - the last digit is just implied. For example if you tune 123.42 the radio will actually be on 123.425 - which is what you wanted. For 123.45 the radio will be on 123.450, which is also what you wanted it to do. So far so good.

For areas that use 8.33 kHz channel spacing you will have to use your pilot client to tune the radio. You can check How to tune 8.33 kHz Frequencies for the details.

Probably you mean the longitude in msfs? Somewhere in its options you can switch to 8.33 khz spacing, then you can tune them from your plane even in areas that do use 8.33

Easiest way to tune 8,33 on old com radio. Mark the freq. you want to tune in Vpilot so it get shaded and then press enter. Done

It definitely is an option in the real Garmin 5000 of the Citation Longitude. I just searched the internet for it and found a manual for this avionics suite:

Changing COM frequency channel spacing:

  1. From Home, touch Utilities >Setup > Avionics Settings.
  2. Scroll the list to show the COM Channel Spacing Button.
  3. Touch the COM Channel Spacing button to display the choice of 25.0 kHz or 8.33 kHz.
  4. Touch the desired channel spacing button.

@1564176 can you report back if and when you found the option? Could you resolve the topic?