How can i prevent crashing 10 / 15 minutes into flight (flightgear)

Hey, knowing that no one might be using flightgear as a flight sim for vatsim im just wondering if theres anyway to prevent any crashing 10 / 15 minutes into flight

It could be any number of things, from outdated drivers to dodgy hardware. You need to be more specific. Do you get any kind of error messages when it happens?

Nope, i dont get any error messages. All it does is freezes and thats it. I still hear sound and movement though.

and just in case i have a intel i7

Even if it just freezes, something may appear in the Windows event log for the moment that happens, which may identify the cause of the crash.

If you are unsure how to do this, here is a link that may help - Identifying crashes with the Windows Event Log | Software Verify