Holding Willo EGKK

Hi, yesterday I flew from EGNX to EGKK rwy 08R with Kidli 1 G arrival. There was a lot of trafic so that after HOLLY the controller asked me to make a holding at Willo. I set up my Holding in the FMC, it was a LEFT TURN holding. But this made me cross the route TUFOZ - HOLLY I previously flew with the risk to meet another plane… So I changed the Holding to a RIGHT SIDE TURN.

I had a look at the STAR map from Jeppesen to check if there is an instruction regarding the side of the Holding at Willo but there is no…

Ho w can I know whet should be the side of a Holding… It seem that for Willo coming from Holly right turn is the most appropriated or not?


There is - in the lower left hand corner of 20-2C1 are the holding instructions for WILLO, which clearly show that the published hold there uses left hand turns.

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It is also there on the same chart in Navigraph Charts as well

And don’t mistake it with “holding your willy”.