Help needed in setup of OBSERVER for EHAM with Live Traffic

i have Euroscope installed but am struggling with the configuration.
Want to setup a ATC panel which shows both Vatsim and Live Traffic in NL (EHAM) .
Could anyone help me and provide files/instructions how to configure Euroscope for this?

Much appreciated!

What do you mean by both VATSIM and Live Traffic?
Also do you already have the sector filed for EHAM installed in Euroscope?

From my understanding, you’ll need to be a Dutch VACC member in order to get the sectorfile, according to their website: New Controllers – Dutch VACC – As Real As It Gets

Thanks for responding!

I have Euroscope running but as there was a porn site hidden in the link to the europe sectorfiles, i do not have the eham installed.
Would appreciate a pointer to a how-to set it up specifically for EHAM (like a youtube) as well as the correct EHAM sector file.
Also i was not able to move about with the mouse for some reason and no map was showing (only the global vatsim players).

And last but not least, i was hoping there is some plugin which also shows all real-life traffic.

I want to use this in an exhibit about atc and flightsim…

Re: Live traffic, i tried searching for a plugin, try this out but as it hasn’t been updated in a bit I’m not sure it would work with the current ES version

As for having nothing, have you tried going into the Download Sector File menu under open sct and downloaded the main sector file provider and aeronav gng sector file provider?

Did some more digging and I found the download for the EHAA,

download both of the packages and select A for the update file.

happy observing!


The link shown in the first screenshot was polluted so i could not proceed.

I got some files from Benjamin but struggle where to place them.

Airports.csv, livetraffic.exe and config.json