Help navigating the new forum format

I’m going full-on “okay, Boomer” here probably, but so be it.

I’m really having a lot of difficulty with this new forum format. I don’t want to be the “it’s not like the old one so I hate it” guy, but, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to achieve the equivalent utility from it to what I did with the previous iteration.

Namely, what’s the easiest way to:

  1. filter the jumble of topics on the screen to where only posts I haven’t yet read are highlighted, and
  2. filter the jumble of topics on the screen so that categories I have no interest in will either not be displayed, or sorted to the bottom, or un-highlighted in some fashion so I can easily skip them?

I saw somewhere on here (heaven help me I have no idea where or how to find it) a post where someone suggested there is a button up top which allows me to specify displaying “Unread” messages (which is somehow different from “New” messages) but I honestly can’t find a button which says either “Unread” or “New”. Any kick in the right direction is appreciated.

Must confess I too am struggling with the new format. Old dog, new tricks !

If I display “Everything” using the left menu, I certainly get an option at the top of the page to display NEW content. Other than that, many optins seem to be keyboard driven, using the small keyboard icon bottom right of the menu bar.

I think this is going to take some time to get used to :slight_smile:

Still trying to figure it out as well, but here’s a few things that might help:

  • Profile → Settings → Interface (and Sidebar): Some options to customize the “Categories” on the left to filter the ones you want, and display a “new” counter.
  • Profile → Settings → Notifications → Categories: Select categories you want to “Watch” and “Track” (or “Mute”), will show the amount of new posts for that category on the sidebar
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