Hello guys, i need some help me to beginn as controller?

Hello guys im new here on Vatsim, i have some exsperience as controller on IVAO.
I deleted my profilere, and joined VATSIM. I feelt a huge facelift here on VATSIM. I would like to join as pilot and controller. but i find it a little confusing to navigate around here at Vatsim. Any one that please could help me how to get started.
Best regards Knut Arne Sletta.

Starting as pilot - all it takes is you start you flightsimulator, login into the network at an airport (at a parking spot - not the runway), file a flightplan, talk to the controller if it is a controller airport and of you go - very simply put.
But starting a controller is a different ballgame all together. You’ll need to become a member of a division, then a preferred area like vatsim scandinavia, and you then need to be signed up for training. Alas there is a huge waiting list, so don’t expect to start training after several months.
Welcome to Vatsim