HELICOPTER Flight Service VA

I really enjoy flying helos but I have not been able to find a VA for helos Charter, cargo, passenger, I thought Ak would be a good place to look but alas, not much luck. I can’t initiate a VA and have not the capacity nor skills to operate a VA but I sure would join one for Helos should a group start a Helo VA.


Hey Jim! Welcome to the Vatsim VA Forum.

Personally, my suggestion for a charter airline is always Walker Air Transport. They offer a variety of helicopters under their “Charter” category. They also offer lots of tours and a full career mode.

If you’re looking for more helicopter-specific jobs then something like Neofly may be a good option.

Hopefully, that answers your question! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Jack Koskie
Public Relations Officer

Hi Jim.

Maybe you would like to try with us at Poland Cargo VA. We are flying only on VATSIM, only with CARGO, we also have helicopters in our fleet.
We use the FSAirlines system in which loads, routes, fleet service and financial system are generated. Check out our website https://polandcargo.pl , let me know if you are interested.