Has any body ever used the "Shpeard One" call sign on vatsim?

As far as you know has any body used the Sheapred One call sign which the call sign used by aircraft carying the Pope on vatsim?

Shepherd One is an urban myth but sometimes used by the media. Alitalia usually used AZA4000 when carrying a pope and ITA has continued that tradition by using ITY4000. Italian Air Force helicopters use the callsign Volo Papale (Papal Flight) ### where the number is sequential.

Well actually the FAA did approve the Shepherd One call sign and is sometimes used when the Pope visits the US as can be heard on this ATC recording from his 2015 visit: ATC: Pope's Shepherd One landing at JFK - YouTube and yes the call sign is not used on the Pope’s international flights but it is used by American when he flys within the US however American does have to ask the FAA for permission to use it.