Ground and air traffic lagging every 15 seconds using vPilot

For about two updates now, I’ve noticed that aircraft – both on the ground taxiing and in the air – will fly along, then slow, stop, sometimes back up a bit, and then zip along to ‘catch up’ to where they are supposed to be again. It’s as though vPilot is having a lag in getting position data and it recurs every 15 seconds or so.

As planes taxi on the ground, you can watch them all slow and stop, then speed back up again after a second or two, to reposition to where the fresh data says they should be.

I am logging on in Canada but always flying in Europe. (I notice that now only “automatic” is available for selecting the best network connection for me, so I can not choose another server and it appears to be connecting to the USA West one). Using the resource monitor, I see that vPilot is connecting to

I’ve had a friend confirm this behaviour using his simulator in California as well – both while at airports in Europe and at LAX. Same behaviour.

It makes it very difficult to know what the traffic around me is doing when they keep coming to a stop and then speeding up again.

Has anyone else has been experiencing this as well? And is there a fix?

Everything was operating perfectly with smooth aircraft movements until about two vPilot updates ago.

Confirmed here as well. vPilot 3.5.1 and P3Dv5.3

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Is there anyone from vPilot who can help with this? It is still going on even with the latest “stable” version.

It’s a bit frustrating.

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Is no one else seeing this?

We have thousands of members use vPilot every day, and this is the only report of this type behavior that I recall. So I’m guessing, no, no one else is seeing it. There are a ton of variables in sim flying. I’m guessing that something else is at play here. I wish I knew where to point you, but I’m afraid I don’t.