Gauging Interest in a VATSIM Module for Websites (starting with phpVMS v7)

Hey all,

While work continues on our new VA website and auditing system, I am currently looking at the possibility of creating a brand new phpVMS Module, supported by the VATSIM VA Department, that’ll:

  • Allow for you to use VATSIM as an ACARS source (similar to how Integrated PIREPs System (IPS) worked)
  • Create a GUI and API Endpoint to pull flights logged by the module that have flown on the network so audit managers can verify activity.

I am aware of Disposable Hero and his line of plugins, which can do something similar (except the exporting part).

At the end of the day, do you all think there’s a need or desire for “Officially Supported” module from VATSIM for phpVMS, or any other system? Or, would you rather use hombrew solutions for this?

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Anything to make the auditing process less painful for phpVMS users would be greatly appreciated by many I’m sure, myself included.

VATSIM-data as an ACARS source, that would certainly be nice! So long as it retains as many of the features of vmsACARS as is practical, I would certainly be interested in this solution, since I’m already grumpy at the number of apps I have to prepare to complete a flight… Navigraph, Simbrief, VATSIM prefile, xPilot, Volanta… I’m sure you catch my drift. (With vmsACARS remaining an option for the occasional offline flights).

I understand this post was made a few months ago without any further input, but I’m excited to hear any further developments on this matter.

Take care!