FSLTL Sound Issue FS2020

after using the FSLTL Modell Matching for Vatsim, i have sound issues. I hear Toga Sound from other pilots although they are on gate or taxing. I already contacted FSLTL for this problem however they say that it is a bug which can only be fixed by Vatsim.

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IIRC, Ross said that there is no good, universal way to read the engine power setting of aircraft, so they are either off or powered as far as vPilot is concerned (the latter of which is translated to the TOGA thrust sound). You can tune down the volume of other aircraft in the sim’s audio settings and when in cockpit view, the noise cancelling headset simulation should help further reduce the sound of other aircraft.

Here’s to hoping one of these days our pilot client will leap forward in capabilities as have MSFS2020 (soon to be 2024) and Xplane12. It looks like the new controller client (CRC) has been getting a lot of developer attention recently. I hope solving the engine volume VATSIM traffic issue will be a priority going forward; it does a lot to detract from the user experience and realism when the pilot client doesn’t evolve to the same level as our simulators have in the last few years.