[FR] Request to be able to configure a VMR file that does NOT have priority over the automatic model scan


vPilot has an automatic model matching which discovers installed mods and uses them for model matching, and one default aircraft if no match is found. vPilot also allows to configure VMR files that allows to override the model scan.

When flying among small aircrafts, an aircraft could be a single engine piston or a private jet, and they are matched to a single default aircraft, which is not ideal. So I built a VMR that matches all ICAO type codes with one of:

  • Generic Airliner Quad Engines Asobo
  • Generic Piston Multi Engines Asobo
  • Generic Turbo Multi Engines Asobo
  • Generic Piston Single Engine Asobo
  • Generic Private Jet Asobo
  • Generic Turbo Single Engine Asobo
    This way I have almost always roughly correct model matching.


The problem of this solution is that ALL the findings of the automatic scan are lost, which is not the intention at all, as I’m only trying to provide a better “Default Model”

Proposed solution

What I would like to be able to do is to configure a VMR that is used only if the scan failed to match a model.

In addition to the “Default Model” input box, I’d like have a “Default VMR” input box that would allow me to configure my VMR file in such way that it’s taken in consideration at a lower priority that the model matched by the automatic scan.

This way I would be allowed to have reasonable substitute default planes when I don’t have a specific model installed, while showing the installed models.

I also suspect that this VMR file could be shipped by default.

I’m happy to contribute some code or testing if needed.


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It’s not correct that ALL the automatic rules are lost if you do what you suggest. It will still use any automatic rule that is more specific than your rules. In other words, any automatic rule that has both a type code and an airline code will be used.

The automatic rules that will be overridden by your custom VMR file are the ones that only contain a type code. And if you don’t want to override those rules, simply don’t have a rule in your custom VMR with that same type code.

Thanks for the precision, but the point still stands. Automatic rules that are equally specific are dismissed. It’s almost guaranteed that they would be better than my file.

I cannot simply not have a rule in your custom VMR for two reasons:

  • It would require me to update my VMR file every time I add or remove an aircraft. To reduce load time, many msfs users choose a set of mods for each session, so that would be very painful.
  • I’m listing all the ICAO type code programmatically, and would like to distribute this file in a way that works with all installs. I agree I can fix this specifically to my setup, but that’s not really the point here.