FPS drop when starting latest X Pilot b45

Hi, I am using XP11 with ZIBO and WIN 10, until now the fps never dropped when connecting to X Pilot, since version b45 I have a drop of 6-7 fps when connecting to X Pilot. Is this pb known? Any idea why it is like this? This drop appears gradually within 1-2 minutes, when I disconnect X Pilot I immediatelly get my 6-7 fps back.
This drop with X Pilot b45 is by the way only with XP11, when I open XP12 there is no drop…
Thanks for clarifying!

Does this happen in areas with no traffic? You could try disabling contrails in the xPilot plugin settings and see if that makes any difference.

Hi Justin, thanks for replying. I appreciate a lot!! Actually I have the feeling that with b46 the situation has improved. Did you change something in 46 compared to 45 that could have lead to this improvement? When I disconnect contrails I am saving around 1 fps… But with 46 the connection of XPilot without contrails reduces the fps now only by 1-2 fps which is ok…
I will make some more flights with b46 and if the problem reappear I will let you know.
Meanwhile thanks for all the great work you are doing for us!!

The X-Plane 12 altitude offset bug was fixed, but that wouldn’t have any effect on frame rate (plus you’re using X-Plane 11, so that logic is completely ignored anyways).