Flying with people


Can anyone recommend or point me in the right direction to where I might find other people to fly with? I love the vatsim network, but it does seem kind of lonely sometime flying by yourself!

I’m in Canada if that helps!


Have you looked at the Groups and Events sub-topics in this forum? Those are great places to get a look for who is flying and where. There are a plethora of virtual airlines and GA flying clubs (there’s literally one called The Pilot Club).

As the above message their is a ton of VAs & Clubs & also as you keep flying in the network in my limited experience you will make friends with other people with same interests and it can be really fun flying with them!

Look for events on myVATSIM, not just in Canada but in any suitable time zone. There’s a whole (virtual) world of flying to explore! Check VATCAN and other divisions to see what smaller scale events might be happening that aren’t on myVATSIM.

Look for a VA that matches your interests.